Terms & Information

1. Copyright

I retain all copyright to my photographs. By commissioning me, you are free to use purchased works for agreed purpose only - ie, sharing media versions online or hanging on your wall. You are prohibited to personally or commercially distribute, re-distribute, repurpose or reproduce in part or in full, any element of my photography by any media whatsoever. Removal of my copyright, signature or any other mark which identifies any work as mine - by edit, manipulation or cropping is deemed as copyright infringement liable to prosecution. I do not permit my work to be used in full or part for the promotion of any other business without written consent. If in doubt, shout!

2. Advertising

By commissioning me, participating in my online competitions or undertaking model calls - you agree that I may use selected works freely, without payment or restriction for the non-exclusive purpose of marketing / promotion of Scotia M Photography. Those under the age of eighteen will require written guardian consent. I do not use photographs of minors for any marketing purpose.

3. Payments

Session payment is due in full upon booking confirmation. You are reserving me for your preferred / specific date & I will refuse all further booking requests for that specific date. Additional product payments are due at point of order & prior to printing, excluding delivery fees where you are unable to collect.

4. Cancellation

Where you cancel, I will offer one alternative date in keeping with the one you booked - ie weekend / weekday. If the alternative date is unsuitable, I provide a Gift Voucher to the value of your session valid for 3mths. Where cancellation is due to adverse weather, I offer the next available date in keeping with your booking.

5. Refund Policy

If you are not delighted with your photographs, I provide a free re-shoot in keeping with the previous booking. If you are unhappy with any printed item, I will have them reprinted upon the return of the originals. I do not refund session fees within four weeks of the reserved date. In the event of proven loss I approach session refunds with due compassion.

6. Turnaround

Session to showcase to print & delivery will vary. While I can upload your showcase within in a few days, I like to give clients time to select their favourite images. Since I work with several clients at a time & value each session equally - editing & sending your images for print, is subject to this. Unless you have booked with a deadline please appreciate I cannot provide a delivery date within six weeks. Timescales rely on how quickly each client selects photographs, agrees proofs & purchases products.

7. Storage

Unfortunately I am unable to store your photographs indefinitely. Each session has a selection gallery with an appropriate timescale, after which photographs are archivevd & a fee (£35.00) becomes applicable to re-instate the gallery. This fee reflects third party costs to provide these galleries, the time to recover & re-upload your images.

8. Liability

I take every plausible action to ensure my personal safety - by commissioning me you accept all responsibility for any behaviour of your horse or dog which results in injury or damage to any party. My public liability covers only myself, my equipment & my vehicle.

9. Disclaimer

This website & all content - including fees, products, items detailed above & any further terms or conditions are subject to change without prior warning.