I retain all copyright to my photographs. By commissioning me, you may use purchased works for our agreed purpose only - ie, sharing media versions online or privately displaying printed products. You are prohibited to personally or commercially distribute, re-distribute, repurpose or reproduce in part or full, any element of my photography by any means or media whatsoever. Removal of my copyright, signature or any other mark which identifies any work as mine - by edit, manipulation or cropping is deemed as copyright infringement liable to prosecution. I do not permit my work to be used for the promotion of any other business without written consent.

1. Payment

Session payment is due in full upon booking. You are reserving me for your preferred date & I will refuse all further booking requests for that day. Additional product payments are due at point of order & prior to production, including any additional delivery fees. All sessions include 30 miles travel from EH30 (Central Scotland). Additional mileage is charged at 0.55p per mile with all other travel modes or any required accommodation agreed at client expense.

2. Cancellation

Where you cancel - I will offer one alternative date in keeping with your booking - ie weekend / weekday at no additional cost. If the alternative date is unsuitable, I offer a Credit Voucher to the value of your session valid for 3mths. Subsequent cancellations by you invalidate this offer & your session payment is retained. Where cancellation is due to adverse weather I offer the next available date in keeping with your booking requirements. Where cancellation is made by me I will reschedule to a date suited to both parties or refund in full at client request.

3. Cessation

Where an in progress session is terminated due to subject misbehaviour, non-compliance or evident risk of injury to either party, I offer one re-shoot subject to my schedule availability, excluding travel expenses. Should the subsequent session be forced to terminate for reasons above, any suitable* photographs will be made available to you, however session fees will remain non-refundable.

4. Force Majeure

Where an event beyond the control of any party, which by its nature could not have been foreseen or, if it could have been foreseen, was unavoidable & includes, without limitation -‘acts of God’, storms, floods, fires, venue revocation for any reason, failure of energy sources, national or international disaster, calamity, government imposed sanction or restriction - I will reschedule an alternative date to suit both parties.

5. Coverage

While every effort is made to comply with client preference in regard to subject poses or creative ideas, I request reasonable artistic licence in order to deliver photographs which reflect the consistent high standard of my work. I reserve the right to decline any location which puts myself, handlers, subjects or equipment at adverse risk. I do not undertake "boudoir" style sessions.

6. Refund Policy

In the event of proven technical error I provide a no-fee re-shoot in keeping with your previous booking or refund in full. In the rare event any purchased product is proven substandard I will have them reproduced. As an advance booking business, cancellations are not refunded within six weeks of session dates. Where cancellation is due to proven loss the session can be transferred or I refund in full with due compassion.

7. Gallery Terms

Selection galleries do not extend to every photograph taken - included number of images per session are hand picked for clarity across a variety of poses & expressions to represent the very best unedited files from your photoshoot. You are prohibited from utilising any unedited images by any means including but not limited to social media sharing or screen grabs.

8. Editing (standard)

Fixed Fee Sessions are edited to plain black background as standard. Please advise prior to your session of alternative background preference, noting this may incur additional edit fees. Standard editing includes removal of any unwanted locational elements, leadropes, dog leads, temporary blemishes or enhancing of natural features. Digital removal of personal headcollars or dog collars is not included - specialist halters & collars are provided for session use.

9. Editing (creative)

Bespoke edits such as alternative backgrounds, multi-subject compositions or complete digital locations take considerably longer & are reflected in tailored session or additional product fees. Quotation of associated costs is provided prior to commencing work.

10. Turnaround

Turnaround will vary, especially during summer months & holiday seasons (such as Christmas). While every effort is made to deliver quickly, I am unable to provide guaranteed timescales within six weeks from point of order (not session date) as production variables are outwith my control.

11. Storage

I do not store unpurchased photographs indefinitely - unedited files are retained offline for 12mths as standard. Online galleries are accessible for twenty one days to allow complimentary digitals to be downloaded. Once a selection gallery has been removed a fee of £35 applies to re-instate, which reflects the time necessary to recover & re-upload images.

12. Liability

SCOTIA M PHOTOGRAPHY carries Public Liability Insurance. While every plausible action is taken to ensure sessions are undertaken with the utmost safety for all parties, owners agree to accept liability should subject behaviour result in injury or damage to any party, location or venue & are responsible for any reasonable associated costs.

13. Privacy

As an equine & canine photographer I respect owners rights to request images are not added to my portfolio or social media. I do not use images of owners or minors without express written permission, with the latter being from the current legal guardian. Requests to access photographs from any additional party are denied without express written permission from the booking payee.

14. Disclaimer

Having read the information provided & proceeding with your commission you agree to the terms, conditions & copyright restrictions set out. Please note this website & all content - including fees, products, terms, conditions or copyright restrictions are subject to change without prior warning.

15. Registered Address

Scotia M Photography - Moubray Grove, South Queensferry, Edinburgh, Scotland.