Yay! You're booking your session & now have a gazillion questions - no problem! Here are some of the more frequent considerations, along with some handy guides to download.

Yard Session Organisers - please download & read the guide before booking!



Your session should be somewhere your horse or dog feels at ease - ideally in a sheltered area with good natural light & not too many distractions! A barn doorway or field shelter is perfect to set up backdrops & lights for studio style portraits - removing yard tools & a quick sweep beforehand is hugely appreciated.

set up

I aim to arrive approximately 45mins before the start of your session to check light & set up. I've found horses in particular quite enjoy watching the process - it gives them the opportunity to settle around the stands & drapes, while dogs are generally more interested in my squeakies!


When deciding to bath, clip or plait consider the final artwork you'd like on your wall. Wonderful long native manes are a fabulous feature & sport horses or hunters look stunning show ready. Aim to bath the day before & plait well ahead of time to minimise stress.


Training horses & dogs to be still for a quick count of five really helps to keep the session tension free. Teaching your horse to manoeuvre with a neck rope & back up on command will maximise our posing options too!


Where you'd like both liberty & bridle photographs to choose from - 'naked' shots are done first to prevent tack lines. I have specialist halters for horses who stand well & very fine show slips for dogs (behaviour permitting) which are digitally removed.


Bright, neon & dayglow colours should be avoided when handling, since they reflect in eyes & colour cast on coats. Where handlers are being included please advise in advance of any outfit changes, this allows me to allocate addtional time (especially for multi-owner sessions).


I include print(s) & corresponding social media digital(s) with every session. Prints are priced per single subject - where you'd like multiple images composited together, additional fees apply & are quoted prior to editing.


Summer & festive seasons are exceptionally busy. Since I use professional labs to print & rely on their couriers for shipping I suggest a minimum of six weeks from order (not session date) to get artworks to you.


Your session should be a source of joy - the chance to capture something precious to last forever-after. Natural behaviours add to individuality & we work together to ensure a fun, relaxed experience.

what if?...

The Scottish weather, so famed for change rarely halts our session (unless blowin' a hoolie!) & I weather watch with an option to reschedule. If it changes on the day, we simply wait for a break in the clouds & enjoy coffee & blethers.